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Insightful Workflows to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness

Estimating from the BIM Model

Estimators often develop early cost estimates using a 2D program, but as the model evolves and becomes more inclusive of all construction elements, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage updates in a 2D environment. Assemble provides the flexibility to adapt to the details of any project while delivering highly accurate costs regardless of varying project details. The time you save doing model-based estimating can now be devoted to high-value activities such as reviewing constructability and exploring value engineering and other methods of improved project delivery.


Construction Change Management

Change orders are a necessary part of the building process and the established, legal means of modifying a project once the contract is executed. Assemble’s cloud-based platform facilitates collaboration among all project team members, which is critical to communicating changes and ensuring that all parties fully understand and can execute changes properly.


Model Checking Made Easy

The value of BIM for any application depends directly on the accuracy and completeness of the data in the BIM model. Assemble offers a new way of model checking and value verification that results in data you can count on.


Level of Development

Assemble Systems has developed an affordable solution that helps contractors tackle the traditional challenges of LOD tracking. With Assemble, you can surface the information associated with model components that have reached the specified level of development while excluding elements of the model (and their associated quantities) that have not. You’re able to base project planning, decisions, and spending solely on data that meets your LOD criteria.


Design Trend & Budget Management

Assemble Systems offers a solution that delivers the level of budgeting insight and control required for complex design-build and  construction management at risk projects.


Value Engineering Collaboration and Tracking

Value engineering (VE) has become a standard practice for many, if not most, AEC projects today. Contractors should use VE to identify and propose changes that cut costs while maintaining or enhancing the quality, value, and functional performance required by the owner. Progressive project owners are looking for partners who can fulfill their visions and deliver a project on time and under budget, and collaborative VE ensures that all parties are working toward the same goal.


Production and Schedule Management

Assemble Systems offers production and schedule management that overcomes traditional challenges in a package that is affordable, flexible, and easy to use. By adding activity identification numbers to the building information model (BIM) over the course of the project, users can tap into Assemble to connect the project timeline with materials quantities to create highly accurate, up-to-date, resource-loaded schedules as well as deliver downstream reports of the status of work in progress.



Assemble Systems has developed a solution that overcomes traditional challenges of look-ahead planning. Affordable, flexible, and easy to use, the cloud-based software draws on data from the building information model (BIM) to help the field team, project manager, superintendents, and subcontractors develop and access reliable look-ahead reports, facilitating a deeper understanding of work in progress and upcoming work.


Pay Application Management

Providing quantity/percent validation can result in more timely payments from the owner. Assemble Systems has developed an affordable, flexible solution that makes this process easy. The cloud-based software draws on BIM to deliver a deeper analysis of progress based on the latest percentage of work complete (materials used). Users can generate reports containing any information and in any format you want.


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