Condition and connect
BIM data to key workflows

Assemble enables BIM/VDC teams to connect BIM data to key workflows including design reviews, model-based takeoff, change management, work in place tracking and more. 

BIM Data Management Made Easy

Model Conditioning

Model conditioning in Assemble helps contractors manage costs, minimize risk, and improve quality and overall project efficiency by leveraging the “I” in BIM. Group, sort, and organize your project data to enrich your model with additional meta data to power your downstream workflows.

Model-based Takeoff and Change Management

Model-based takeoff and change management enables BIM/VDC Managers to improve accuracy on estimates while saving time for more high value activities. Publish your models to extract comprehensive inventories in minutes. Tracking and analyzing project changes is dramatically simplified; capture and easily quantify changes that impact costs and schedule.

Work in place tracking

Keep your project on schedule and reduce costs on site by expanding the use of BIM between Project Managers and field teams with 3D data. Regardless of BIM expertise, teams can easily track, visualize, and report on the status of work that is in progress. Coordinated models can be leveraged in the field via Assemble mobile app.

Integrate BIM Data from Design to Construction

Whether it is the owner, estimator, project manager or superintendent, the BIM/VDC team is able to empower all stakeholders –regardless of BIM experience–to access, analyze and share BIM data.

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