Interoperable Solution for Engineering and Construction Industry

Assemble offers an interoperable software as a service (SaaS) platform for engineering and construction organizations to easily access critical data information from multiple Plant Design data formats in a simple and consistent common viewing environment. The Plant Design data can be viewed, filtered and organized based on what the various disciplines and trades need to perform their tasks.

Mitigate Re-Work and Potential Errors in the Field

Assemble provides comprehensive model inventories and the ability to identify model changes in minutes. Improve change management and increase confidence in engineering design and decisions.

Improve Project Efficiency and Safety

Project teams and construction planners can quickly access, quantify, analyze, condition, organize and share 3D model information anywhere, anytime. Assemble enables access to model data throughout the project lifecycle from conceptual plant design to handover.

Streamline Design and Engineering

Assemble streamlines a variety of workflows during preconstruction and construction including design reviews, takeoffs, estimating, change management, value engineering and schedule management.

FOR Plant Projects.

Instant Access to 3D Models Across Global Teams

Manage more industrial plant projects and be a leader in the Engineering and Construction industry! Increase collaboration between all stakeholders with data-centric reports and get 3D models and data to the entire project team. Quick access to information means timely data-driven decisions.

Manage and Visualize the Data

You can easily visualize data in the context of the model to better understand project scope and identify changes earlier in the project to make informed decisions. Validate quantities, create work packages, and manage model changes in just minutes.

Improve Model Quality

Easily access and examine model properties to quickly identify missing or incorrect information. Manage and modify model properties to organize the information and assure quality for specific downstream workflows from design to handover.

Perform Rapid Model Takeoff

Extract quantities in a matter of seconds based on the most accurate, up-to-date data in the 3D model and easily break down costs by scope of work.

Improve Change Management

Instantly access all changes between model iterations. Highlight model updates visually, along with associated quantities so users can quickly dig in and understand the scope and budget implications of changes to the project.

Improve Project Outcomes

Identify problems earlier in the building process to reduce the need for expensive rework during construction. Project teams mitigate the risks to the bottom line by allowing all stakeholders to access model data that remains current, consistent and accurate throughout the project to make better decisions.

Avoid Budget Overruns

Assemble helps identify and propose changes that cut costs while maintaining quality and functional performance.

Increase Owner Satisfaction

Keep the owner in the loop as their vision comes to life with improved communication. Retain clients and improve business relationships. Empower your team to deliver a project on time and within budget.

Assemble for CADWorx

Assemble for CADWorx is a cloud-based construction data management solution for the plant firms that unlocks the power of 3D plant design across every phase of project execution to minimize risk, understand scope, and improve project efficiency..

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Value Engineering, Collaboration and Tracking

Assemble Systems has developed a solution that sidesteps traditional obstacles and allows AEC professionals to easily and affordably optimize value engineering by greatly enhancing the speed, accuracy, and outcome of the process

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How to Stay Competitive

BIM can be complex to learn and hard to leverage in your business without the proper tools and knowledge. Assemble makes it easier to manage BIM.

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