Assemble Systems and Excel Integration


Use a combination of 2D, 3D, and the dynamic connection between Assemble and Excel for continuous cost modeling

Bridge the Gap between BIM and Microsoft Excel

  • Easily link projects and 3D model data to an Excel spreadsheet through Assemble
  • Connect Assemble data directly to your existing Excel project and estimating templates
  • Refresh data in selected cells to manage impact of change orders on your estimates

Faster and more accurate Takeoff and Estimating

  • Easily dive into model data and 2D drawings
  • Read data from multiple objects and bring into your spreadsheet
  • Read data from additional sources simultaneously with your model
  • Eliminate manual entry errors

Streamline your Estimating Workflow

  • Use existing estimating templates that you have internally developed over the years
  • Automate the process of populating the takeoff data
  • Eliminate data entry and and save precious time

See what Assemble and Excel Integration can do for you.

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