Assemble Case Study

Contractor Successfully Renovates an Educational Institute using Assemble

University of Nevada, Las Vegas – The Penta Building Group

BIM Case Studies – Founded in 1957, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is a doctoral-degree granting educational institute of 28,000 students and 3,300 faculty and staff. UNLV offers more than 220 undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree programs. The James E. Rogers Center for Administration & Justice (RAJ) building is a 92,738 square foot, 4 story building originally opened in 1962.

The scope of the renovation for RAJ focused on the first two floors of the building. The project was structured as a CM At-Risk project and required uninterrupted services for the students on the third and fourth floors. One of the challenges for The Penta Building Group (Penta) was managing construction without disrupting ongoing student services and without sacrificing on-time delivery.

The following case study describes how Penta was able to use Assemble to:

  • Address challenges during design and construction management
  • Create an accurate budget
  • Quickly evaluate design changes
  • Manage construction and gain efficiencies in field management

“Assemble has helped us cut our estimating time by 50%. Our team uses the time-savings to concentrate on high value activities to deliver cost savings to the owners and improve project results.”

Clifton Cole
BIM Manager
The Penta Building Group

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