Assemble Case Study

How Transparency with 3D Modeling Supports A Transformative Public Build in Medellin, Colombia

AIA Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados S.A. is a leading design and construction company in Colombia. In business for 70 years, the company employs 600 direct and 2,000 indirect employees and has delivered over 700 projects across Colombia from infrastructure to buildings.

In recent years, the company’s BIM department has adopted a mentality of modeling for construction, using 3D models to improve handoff and collaboration across the preconstruction and construction phases. Recently, they implemented new technology from Assemble to support improved collaboration and efficiency.

Tomas Trujillo, VDC Director at AIA, sums up the challenge the team addressed when implementing Assemble. “We needed a way to take all the information from the 3D model and use it to inform our decision making in construction.”

Assemble is a web-based application that consumes and conditions model information and organizes it for different workflows. The result is a number of advantages, including:

  • Conditioned models
  • Model quantification
  • Iterative preconstruction estimating
  • Access to multiple model views
  • BIM 360 Integration

From taking critical information to project teams to providing clearer status updates, AIA has created workflows that are saving time, improving data accuracy, and improving collaboration across stakeholders.

“The ease of Assemble allows multiple non-Revit users to manipulate and feed information into the model without needing expensive technology. It allows us to add intelligence and logic into the models, automating certain decisions so we can focus on execution and communication.”

Tomas Trujillo
AIA Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados S.A.

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