Earned Value Tracking with Assemble & McKinstry

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Earned Value Tracking with Assemble & McKinstry

Success of a project is often dependent on completing it on time and within budget. The construction phase of the project is usually the one that consumes most resources and is often the stage where projects can go off track if not monitored correctly. One of the techniques that is gaining a lot of interest in keeping projects running smoothly is Earned Value Tracking – a methodical approach to keeping your projects on track to meet tight deadlines. Earned Value Tracking enables the project teams to answer tough questions regarding the health of the project and schedule. In this webinar, CJ Best, Construction Technology Program Manager, and Spencer Hobson, Senior Project Engineer from McKinstry, a leading MEP Specialty Contractor will share their approach to accurately tracking field productivity across multiple projects.

McKinstry will share how they are using Assemble to manage project costs, material delivery, installation, scheduling and inventory on multiple projects including a state of the art cancer treatment facility. By leveraging the rich data in the model and aggregating the information, the project team is able to make data driven decisions and identify impact on the budget early in the process.

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CJ Best, Construction Technology Program Manager at McKinstry.






Spencer Hobson is a Senior Project Engineer at McKinstry.

Brent Ramos is the Sales Director at Assemble Systems – An Autodesk Company