Assemble Systems and Sage

Combine 2D and 3D data and visuals to generate accurate estimates.

Bridge the Gap between BIM and Estimating For Faster Takeoff & Estimating

Integrate BIM into the estimating process by easily collaborating on 3D models in real time – communicate scope clearly with 3D visualization. You can perform faster takeoff from the 3D model by easily pulling the quantities from the model into your estimate eliminating the need for time consuming traditional processes. By combining 2D, 3D and the Sage estimating database, you can rest easy that everything is accounted for to generate a more accurate estimate in a fraction of time.

Quickly Visualize Complexities and Identify Discrepancies

Estimators have the tough job of meeting rigid deadlines to submit a bid that accounts for all costs while maintaining a competitive number to win the job. However, the last thing they want is to win the bid and later realize that something was left out. The integration between Assemble, eTakeoff and Sage aims to make estimators’ life a bit easier. Estimators can now easily dive into the model and the 2D drawings to understand the complexities, identify gaps between the model and 2D drawings to ensure a more accurate estimate is generated – extensive BIM training not required.

Quickly Respond to Design Changes

As an AEC professional, you can’t make change go away, but you are not helpless to deal with it, either. Model based estimating can save hours or days of an estimator’s time. There is no need to perform manual takeoff on change orders, the updated information resides in the model and is seamlessly integrated into eTakeoff and Sage Estimating database. You can generate a new estimate quickly and spend your time on cost saving strategies.

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What our customers say

An airline terminal must be operational 365 days a year and accommodate the daily rhythms of passengers, service providers, management, security and crew. Keeping people and planes moving around construction sites, while keeping the projects moving faster, requires a high degree of project controls that we couldn't deliver on fast enough without Assemble.-
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