Rapid Model-Based Takeoff

Publish your models to extract comprehensive visual inventories in minutes. Gain insight into every model parameter, whether custom, shared or project-based.

  • Accurately quantify and visualize model-based takeoffs
  • Takeoff building systems and assemblies by the unit of measure of your choice.
  • Add unit costs for quick insight and verification of cost or budget implications.
  • Organize Inventory by color to manage WBS, estimates, or schedules
  • Easily visualize quantities in 3D to understand scope and design intent
  • Spend more time on high value work than manually counting objects

The fast pace of modern construction projects means that time is always at a premium. For estimators, the pressure to produce estimates faster leads to increased risk of costly inaccuracies. Model-based estimating processes not only produce more accurate estimates but also do so much more quickly than traditional manual or 2D takeoff systems.

You need to bid more jobs to win more jobs — and 3D model–based takeoff allows you to bid on more projects without hiring additional personnel. If your current cost-estimating process is slowing you down and keeping you from pursuing viable opportunities, you’re losing out tremendously. Remember, however, that it’s not good business to pursue every project opportunity. Model-based estimating allows you to accurately assess real project costs, even when the nature of the job is new, to determine if a project would be profitable for your company.

When you invest the time early in a project to ensure the cost estimate reflects your business expertise and profitability goals, and supplement that effort using a highly accurate model-based estimating solution, you’ll increase your odds of success in addition to the profit margin on your completed projects.