Whether you’re an educator developing a more engaging curriculum or a student creating building projects, Assemble provides the tools to help you unleash the power of BIM. See how you can harness Assemble’s web-based solution to extract data, add intelligence and collaborate in real-time.


Assemble is invested in helping you achieve your academic goals and future career success. Use the same program as the top AEC professionals to prepare yourself for a successful career in the AEC industry. Gain valuable exposure to BIM with this web-based, easy-to-use solution.


You’re helping students build the future. We’ve got tools, community, and professional development resources to help you foster creativity. Get our software in your classroom today and integrate BIM into your upcoming lesson plans.

  • View any Revit model in a web-browser
  • Create a complete data inventor of design models within minutes
  • Improve project controls, project margins, and project outcomes to save time and win more jobs
  • Whether in the classroom or at home, Assemble gives you the flexibility to open your projects from anywhere
  • Easily access, condition and sync data to leverage BIM software investment
  • Quickly share BIM data with entire teams

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