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Estimating from the BIM Model

Estimating from the BIM Model

Accurate estimates can be the difference in winning or losing work. The more uncertainty in an estimate, the greater the contingency you’ll add, and the greater the chance that you won’t win the work. To address this, Contractors today are basing estimates on a combination of 2D and 3D takeoffs. Model-based estimates are not only more accurate than manual estimating, they’re also much faster

Estimators often develop early cost estimates using a 2D program, but as the model evolves and becomes more inclusive of all construction elements, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage updates in a 2D environment. At that point, estimators can call on Assemble to manage design iterations throughout the preconstruction phase.

Assemble provides the flexibility to adapt to the details of any project while delivering highly accurate costs regardless of varying project details. The time you save doing model-based estimating can now be devoted to high-value activities such as reviewing constructability and exploring value engineering and other methods of improved project delivery. Read the workflow guide to learn more.

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