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Designing to Budget – Design Cost Trending

Designing to Budget – Design Cost Trending

As architects, we are educated, thoughtful, and care for our clients—yet more often than we would like, a delay between design decisions and estimator feedback results in an exceeded budget. This happens even though we know that hitting the target budget is critical to our clients’ success and to our success as a practice. Relying on contractors and third-party cost estimators for reliable cost information are the business-as-usual options, but these methods of informing our design process are not as timely or as accurate as we need.

If business as usual was working, why are value engineering and redesigning projects so prevalent? Is there a way to design the project how you want it and still stay within budget?

Using the Assemble BIM platform and an easily-replicated process, I will show you how architecture firms can design to budget from start to finish with ongoing Design Trend Analysis using model inventories from Assemble.

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