Webinar: Assemble Properties – The Latest Enhancement to Assemble Insight

Webinar Replay

Intelligent Data at your Fingertips!

Our clients have been using shared parameters to sort, group, and maximize model elements to get the most out of their model. The process can be complicated and does require extensive knowledge of complex authoring tools. Our goal at Assemble is to make BIM data less complicated and easily accessible to the entire project team including the estimating group. We strive to make the model data accessible and actionable throughout the project lifecycle.

Our latest enhancement, Assemble Properties does just that. Assemble Properties facilitates a number of new workflows for our customers, making it easier than ever to leverage models for creating bid packages, value engineering options, adding cost codes, locations, areas and other preconstruction and construction data for better communication, organization and visualization of project information. No Revit Knowledge required!

In this webinar, we show you how you can use Assemble Properties to:

1. Organize – Easily organize data by columns, groups, and rules.
2. Customize – Add WBS codes, or other unique data elements
3. Modify – Modify material descriptions and identify areas for VE